You don't sell marmalade tarts? Exactly What Kind of Shop is this Anyway?

You don't sell marmalade tarts? Exactly What Kind of Shop is this Anyway?

Well, let me tell you a bit about what exactly Marmalade Tart Boutique is.

He marched right up to the counter and said, “Where are these Marmalade Tarts anyway?”

“We’re right here” I said with a puzzled look on my face.  “I’m Rachael and that’s the head Tart, Geraldene over by the jewelry.”

“You mean you don’t sell marmalade tarts?  Exactly what kind of a shop is this anyway?” he asked.

Good question.  We’re definitely not a bakery, but what we are depends very much on who our customer is.

How many times have I heard “Yes, that’s lovely if you’re tall and thin” often when one of us who is neither tall nor thin, is standing there looking fab in the same style.  Or “I’m too old for Fidelity jeans” just as one of our octogenarians comes in to ask what’s new? Or “Don’t you have anything for the 30 somethings?”  Well, I’m a thirty something and wear only Marmalade Tart!

When we’re buying we look for that fine balance between comfortable/wearable and distinctly fashionable.  Quality is extremely important, with lots of natural fabrics that will last and high quality of fabrication.  We feature many Canadian designers and Canadian manufacturers where possible.  We want something different enough to be interesting but accessible enough for a wide range of customers.  And our customers cover a wide range, from 30 to well over 90, from XS to XXL, from five foot nothing to over six feet.

Most important though is the shopping experience.  We specialize in helping women look their best and can find just the right colour and shape to make you look fabulous.  We offer expert, kind, honest advice - when we say you look great, you absolutely do look great.  If you don't look good, we'll offer something that works for you.  Not to mention we have some of the greatest jewelry, scarfs and accessories to make your outfit compete.

Still wonder what kind of shop we are?  Come take a look!


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